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Death & The Soldier

Synopsis: A soldier is given early retirement and three crusts of bread as wages. How she cleverly transforms those into great wealth and confronts even Death, is the essence of this popular Russian folk tale, which has been adapted into a play. It is performed by students of the Shri Ram Centre’s summer theatre workshop for kids aged 11 to 14.

Playwright, Director and Lighting Designer: Sohaila Kapur

Assistant Directors: Jai & Muskaan

Sound: Saraansh

Projection: Jai

Costumes in charge: Muskaan


Teen Angel

Synopsis: A story from the America of the 50s, when rock and roll was the rage amongst teenagers, the play is a heart warming story of teenage love, loss and redemption. A young girl, Peggy and her boyfriend, Rick suffer a car accident while drag racing. Peggy passes away and meets her guide, an angel, in heaven, who tells her that for her to earn her angel wings, she has to right a wrong done on earth. And so begins Peggy’s earthward journey, where she faces moral and ethical dilemmas and is helped by David, a spirit sent to earth to test her. David, in turn, is tested for an act committed by him during his physical incarnation. Will he confide in Peggy and will she  succeed in earning her wings? Only time will tell……

For Ages 9 to 13 (Death & The Soldier)
From 14 to 18 (Teen Angel)

Playwirght: D.M. Larson

Director, Lighting Designer: Sohaila Kapur

Assistant Directors:
Sound & projection: Saraansh


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