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Cloud Tectonics is set in the Los Angeles of the 90s, when nature’s storms were the norm. The World Trade Centre existed and the business of movie making still flourished. It is the triangular love tale between Anibal De a Luna, a Puerto Rican immigrant and luggage loader at LAX (Los Angeles airport); his macho, soldier brother, serving in the U.S. army and a wandering gypsy called Celestina Del Sol, who Anibal happened to pick up and give shelter in his house. Time becomes irrelevant with the entry of Celestina– whom Anibal refers to as Nature’s Miracle– into his forties’ Craftsman house, of which he is very proud.
The play is philosophical, weaving in and out of a dream-like state, something the writer learnt during his masterclasses in screenplay writing with the Father of Magical Realism, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Though stunningly poetic, the play also exposes the treatment given to immigrants in America. A fact that finds resonance in today’s world where not only immigrants, but also refugees from war zones are finding it harder and harder to be accepted in the Western World. The play is even more relevant today than it was two decades ago, when it was written.


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