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Dracula Meets Page 3

This show is a humorous look at the world of page 3 people.

Dracula rises from the dead in a remote corner of Transylvania and decides to hunt for a new bride. This time he is looking for a coy and dutiful wife and the search leads him to India. Unwittingly, he lands up at a lavish farm house party where he is recognized for the legend he is and is immediately surrounded by the beautiful people wanting to be photographed with him. They are interrupted by the announcement of a fashion show, which is part of the event. Soon after it is over, the women revert to their shenanigans, pursuing their star guest for a friendly little `bite’ that will grant them immortality. Their ambition and aggression is too much even for the Prince of Darkness, who flees back into his world for safety!

Produced by Just Imagine Productions and performed at the Hotel Imperial as dinner theatre and later by the Hungry Heart Festival, as part of its festival featuring comedies by Sohaila Kapur, in 2006.  Venue  :   Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Anirudh Nair as Dracula, with Raghav Chanana, Oroon Das, Pamela Prakash, Huma Qureshi, Pranay Ahluwalia, Aanchal Bharti & others.

SCRIPT, LYRICS    –   Sohaila Kapur.
DIRECTION             –   Sohaila Kapur
PRODUCER              –   Just Imagine Productions/Hungry Heart Festival

The script, lyrics, written and directed by Sohaila Kapur.


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