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The Father is a dark and compelling story about a dysfunctional family. It is a play that puts a negative spotlight on women and their alleged manipulation of men. It earned Strindberg the accusation of being a misogynist. At the time the play was written, the playwright’s marriage to his actress wife, Siri Von Essen, was deteriorating and the play could have loosely resembled situations occurring in his failing marriage.

“The Father exhibits the politics of the caveman – yet it is a brilliant, engrossing play…”

Read by Sanjeev Desai, Nandini Sra, Tarini Pal, Pranay Manchanda, Manohar Khushlani, Subhashini Sood and Alokesh Sharma.

Directed by Sohaila Kapur.

On March 22, 2012, at the Habitat Centre, as part of the Strindberg Weekend in celebration of Strindberg’s centenary, in association with the Swedish Embassy and Old World Culture.


Two chilling stories by Stephen King, from his collection, `Night Shift‘—The Mangler and The Ledge, aided by multimedia.
Readers     :       Bobby Desai, S. Sathish, Vishal Verma, Shikha Pahwa & Sohaila
Direction   :      Sohaila Kapur
Producer   :      Slap On The Greasepaint
Venues       :     The American Centre, Delhi Gymkhana Club

Dramatised Reading & multimedia presentation at Gymkhana Club

Dramatised Reading & multimedia presentation at Gymkhana Club


Horror strikes,  yet you let out a laugh while reading Stephen King’s thrilling short stories. This is what happened at the dramatic reading of The Mangler and The Ledge. The audience was driven to the edge of their seats listening to the thrilling situations that a man can encounter and laughed at some funny incidents in the stories.

—-  Delhi Times

A ninety minute long performance will ensure that the audience has a spine tingling experience, thanks to the use of spooky sound effects and other multi-media gimmicks. Actors dressed as vampires and hooded in black will walk down the aisle, while flickering candles and wreaths of white flowers will add to the eerie feel

—- Indian Express


Dramatised, multi-media readings from two of Roald Dahl’s stories, Mrs. Bixby & The Colonel’s Coat ;  & Lamb To The Slaughter
Readers                     :   Sunit Tandon, Ramesh Thakur, Nandini Sra & Sohaila Kapur
Choreographer & Dancer      :   Sangeeta Sharma
Direction                  :   Sohaila Kapur
Producer                  :  Katyayani
Venues                      :  The British Council, India Habitat Centre, Delhi Gymkhana Club, International Women’s Club, New Delhi


The theme of the evening (was) Roald Dahl’s entertaining point of view on extra marital affairs and their aftermath and Kapur has stuck to the focus….Kapur has introduced Sangeeta Sharma, a dancer, in the readings, a move she feels has worked very well for the production. But Dahl is not the first author Kapur has designed a reading for. A few months ago, she launched her first reading for Harold Pinter. The evening starts with an audio visual feature on Dahl.                                                                                                              

—-  Indian Express

Dramatised Reading- Old Times-Harold Printer

Dramatised Reading of Old Times by Harold Printer


A dramatised, multi-media aided reading of Harold Pinter’s ` Old Times’, as a tribute to the legendary playwright and nobel laureate, soon after his death.

Cast                       :     Sunit Tandon, Ramesh Thakur, Nandini Sra & Sohaila Kapur
Choreographer and Dancer  :       Vikram Samson & Group
Jazz singer                                   :       Reuben Israel
Direction                                      :       Sohaila Kapur
Producer                                      :      Katyayani

Venues                                          :      The British Council, India Habitat Centre, India International Centre, New Delhi


Contemporary German plays, You Shall Give Me Grandsons and Tattoo are adapted  for a  dramatized reading using multi-media.

You Shall Give Me Grandsons is the story of a dominating mother who likes to tie her grown sons to her apron strings…till her late husband’s mistress walks in and upsets the apple cart.

Tattoo is the story of incest within a family…..the harrowing tale of a father who can’t keep his hands off his elder daughter.

Performed at Max Mueller Bhavan & India Habitat Centre. Supported by Goethe Institute.


Prabha Tonk
Kunal Nayyar
Oroon Das
Smita Bharti
Pravishi Das
Ankur Bhardwaj
Shruti  Venkatraman
Nandita Chandra
Raghav Chanana


Playwrights                                :  Thomas Jonigk & Dea Loher
Adapted and Directed By     :  Sohaila Kapur
Lights                                            :  Jaspreet Singh
Costumes & Music                   :  Meetu Soni


Celebrating Guru Rabindranath Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary, Katyayani presented his  mystical short story, `The Hungry Stones’ as a dramatized reading, using multi-media.

The past of a long dead palace comes alive, driving a visitor out of his mind.


Readers          :     Sunit Tandon, Sanjeev Desai.
Dancer            :     Sanah Kaintura
Singer             :     Sampa Das.
Lights             :     Rahul Sharma
Projection    :     Amey Charnalia
Sound            :     Pamela Prakash
Production :     Alokesh Sharma & Firoz Abraham Mirza
Dramatised and Directed by Sohaila Kapur
Venue          :     The India International Centre, New Delhi


Conceived and directed by the versatile Sohaila Kapur, the readings were by redoubtable theatre and TV personality Sunit Tandon, and Sanjeev Desai. There was room for dance too with Sanah Kaintura as the mysterious Persian damsel, backed up by Shampa Das’ vocals.
In its present form the readings capture all the gripping, chilling effects of the original short story. Tandon used his perfect diction to good effect as Srijut, one of the two first person narrators of “The Hungry Stones”.

—- The Daily Star (Bangladesh)


One of Tagore’s most famous short stories is his mystical tale, `The Hungry Stones’, written in 1916. The story is narrated in a train by a man who claims to have met someone possessing deep spiritual knowledge, who shared it with him. The `odd’ gentleman in question said he experienced the supernatural when he took up his duty as a collector, in an area which used to be the site of a great raja’s palace.  The history of the location started working  on him, he said and the occupants of the palace, specially those of the erstwhile harem and dancing girls began appearing in his dreams. Was he experiencing a rebirth of his  ancestor’s beliefs or had he been living too long by himself in his hut and was longing  for the company of a woman, he wondered. Or were the visitations real? The distinction between the dream and reality begin blurring for him. Though he starts to doubt his own sanity, in a deeper way he also begins to see beneath the western rationality imposed by his education.

A Dramatised Reading, involving Multi Media.  Conceived & Directed by Sohaila Kapur

Readers: Sunit Tandon & Sanjeev Desai

Dancer: Sanah Kaintura

Live Music: Shampa Das

Lights: Sohaila Kapur

Projection: Amey Charnalia

Sound: Pamela Prakash

A Katyayani Production

Performed at theIndiaInternational Centre and theDelhiGymkhana Club. Future performance at the Habitat Centre, on Sept 10, 2011.



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