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Meera (Main To Prem Deewani)


Meerabai was born around the start of the 16th Century in the Chaukari village in Merta, Rajasthan. Her father was Ratan Singh,  a descendent of Rao Rathor, the founder of Jodhpur. When she was only three years old, a wandering Sadhu came to her family’s home and gave a doll of Sri Krishna. Meera had, at first sight, become deeply enamoured with this depiction of Lord Krishna.

Meera’s father arranged for her to be married to Prince Bhoj Raj, who was the eldest son of Rana Sanga of Chittor, when she was still very young.

Her new family did not approve of her piety and devotion to Krishna. To make things worse, Meera refused to worship their family deity Durga. She said she had already committed herself to Sri Krishna. Often she would spend time discussing spiritual issues with Sadhus, and people would join in the singing of her bhajans.

Meerabai’s husband was torn between his love for her and the family’s disapproval of her. Raja Bhoj died on the battlefield. This made the situation even worse for Meerabai. Her father- in- law, Rana Sanga, saw her husband’s death as a way to get rid of her. He commanded her to commit Sati (when the wife commits suicide by throwing herself on her husband’s funeral pyre). However, Meerabai said that she would not do this, as her real husband, Sri Krishna was immortal.

The  family continued to torture her. Legend says that they tried to poison her but she was saved by her Lord. She left for the holy city of Brindaban, where she was free to worship her Lord.

It is said in her death she melted into the heart of Krishna. Tradition relates how one day she was singing in a temple when Sri Krishna appeared in his subtle form and that he opened up his heart centre. Meera entered it, leaving her body while in the highest state of Krishna consciousness.


Cast & Crew:

Meera: Arti Nayar

Krishna: Aviekal Kakkar

Raja Bhoj: Arun Prakash

Sutradhar or Narrator: Neeraj Yadav


Written by: Neena Wagh

Designed & Directed by: Sohaila Kapur

Lights: Pallav Chander

Sound: Pamela Prakash

Posters: Arti Nayar


Opened at Earth Jouney & Bhakti Festival, Ghanerao, Rajasthan in Oct 2017. Repeated at The Qadir Ali Baig Weekend Theatre, 2018, Hyderabad.


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