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O…as a symbol encapsulates multiple meanings. It is Shunya, or the great Nothingness. It is also the Primordial Egg from which all life emerges. It represents the Feminine Principle too, as the circle of emotions, representation of the Water Element, evocation of the Orgasm. It is the Primordial Universe, the Divine Absolute…

In this context, it is the story of two women who went through those infinite possibilities, to choose a life that incorporated struggle, bending the rules in the bargain. Revered in the end by the very men who subjugated them, these extraordinary saint-poets — Rabia the Sufi from Iraq and Karaikkal Ammayar, the Shaivite from Tamil Nadu, were opposites in nature, but battled similar obstacles to attain their spiritual goals.

A Dance –Theatre production from Katyayani,.

Concept: Sohaila Kapur

Script: H. Sivaprakash & Sohaila Kapur

Developed as a collaboration between Gilles Chuyen, Shilpika Bordoloi & Sohaila Kapur.

Performed by Gilles Chuyen & Shilpika Bordoloi

Opened on August 25th, 27th and 28th at Epicentre, Gurgaon, India Habitat Centre and Bahai Temple Auditorium respectively.

“O” Poster Pics

“O” Rehearsal Pics

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“O” on Lok Sabha T.V. 

O” was selected for the Sahitya kala Parishad–Literary Theatre– Festival, in 2011. Performance was on Nov 29, at the Shri Ram Centre, Mandi House.

Photos from the show on May 18, 2012, presented by ICCR


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