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Three tales of human eccentricities, dramatized from Roald Dahl’s tales of the macabre.

Human passions know no bounds. They break all the rules to gratify themselves…..three stories by the inimitable Roald Dahl, which are chilling reminders of the fragility and unpredictability of human relationships….


The story of a priest who can’t stand being touched by women, but is mad about them.  He falls in love with a sexually aggressive woman and the encounter proves to be apocalyptic.


Martin D’Souza                         :  Namit
Mrs. D’Souza, his Mother     :  Priyanka Bose
Miss Randhawa                        :  Priyanka Bose
Miss Foster                                :  Sonam Kalra
Miss D’Cruz                                :  Neha Sethi
Doctors                                       :  Ankur Bhardwaj, Gaurav

Dramatised by                         : Namit
Directed By                               : Sohaila Kapur
Choreographer/Dancer       : Gilles Chuyen


This is the bizarre tale of a man who discovers the secret of life after death. He returns from the dead to keep an eye on his wife, who, unfortunately for him, has other ideas.


Minna                           :  Meenu
Hari                               :  Namit
Dr. Venkatraman     :  Ramesh Venkatraman


Dramatised by          :  Meenu
Directed by                :  Sohaila Kapur


The story of a hobo, with a couple of million bucks on his back. He has the painting of a famous master  tattooed on it and the galleries are bidding for it….!


Gallery owner          :   Ankur Bhardwaj
Hobo                            :   Abhay Sapru
Bijon                             :   Dinesh Garg
Rani                              :   Shruti Venkatraman
Guests                          :  Gilles Chuyen, Neha Sethi, Sonam Kalra, Priyanka Bose,  Ashish Paliwal, Gaurav, Pratyash
Bouncer                       :  Rohit


Producers                     :  Namit, Meenu & Sohaila
Executive Producer :  Meetu Soni
Dramatised by            :  Namit, Meenu & Sohaila
Directed By                  :  Sohaila Kapur
Costumes & Sound    :  Meetu Soni
Choreographer           :  Gilles Chuyen
Lights                             :  Ambar Venkatraman
Stage Management   :  Pratyush


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