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A story with sting and humour, Ouch! is an Indian adaptation of a German play (Lutz Hubner’s Creeps ) and is the tale of three glamorous young women taking a pot shot at television superstardom. The story revolves around a studio audition with their invisible producer and how it changes them forever. “It is a comical yet insightful journey of the three girls, who, in their quest for their dream job, rediscover themselves” and the meaning of friendship, in the unlikeliest of circumstances and place.
The set up resembles that of Bigg Boss and there are references to other reality shows too. The theme acquires great significance in the light of the popularity of reality shows on Indian television and their impact on the young Indian mind. It is a multi-media presentation. The play is one of the longest running English productions in Delhi and created quite a sensation when it first opened, just two months before reality television, in the form of Bigg Boss, debuted in India.


Adaptation, Lights and direction: Sohaila Kapur
Sound: Pamela Prakash
Projections: Amresh Kumar
Projections shot by: Prashant Sehgal and team
Special effects in Projections created by: Ritwik Ghosh
Pics: Nandita Anand
The cast:
Jojo Juneja: Sonali Sharma
Purnima Das: Aarti Sharda Nayar
Meenu Vij: Jyotsna Sharma
D.P., the `invisible’ producer: Neeraj Yadav
`Ouch!’ performed with Jyotsna Sharma, Sonali Sharma, Arti Nayar & Neeraj Yadav, at the Times of India Winter Theatre Festival, Shri Ram Centre, Dec 19, 2013.


Latest show: May 10, at Alliance Francais, New Delhi

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Press Reviews:

The Hindu: Reality Bites click here to read.


Past Productions

The play ran to sold- out houses after its triumphant debut at a wine and cheese do at the Ashoka Hotel and was one of the popular entries at the HH & HT (Hungry Heart and Hindustan Times) Theatre Festival. 


`Ouch! This play is a hit! ……The presentation features three brilliant young players….with immense talent….who played their roles to the hilt.’

—   The Hindu

`Ouch! is a play that looks at the `real’ side of reality TV ‘

—-   HT City

`The experiences of the protagonists in Ouch! are a little like Jim Carrey’s role in The Truman Show

—-  The Indian Express

The play takes the audience through the truth behind reality-TV shows.

—-    Delhi Times

Ouch! is a  laugh riot on the surface with a Generation-X centric theme of dreams and aspirations. Sohaila Kapoor takes the viewers on a comical yet insightful journey about three girls, who,  in their quest to find their dream job, rediscover themselves in the unlikeliest of circumstances and place.

The director, aware of the simmering animosity that has developed as a result of the personality clash and conflict of interest, exploits the situation to bring out their genuine emotions, conflicts, apprehensions and captures them in complete earnestness. What ensues is nothing short of an engaging drama.

The play gives us hope – in the end personal contentment triumphs over insignificant ambitions that are a result of unreasonable expectations….  Of course, the extensive use of multimedia and awesome sound effects only add to the appeal.


JOJO:–     Shena Gamat/Shloka Vaidialingam/ Archana Singh
PURNIMA:–     Pravishi Das/Mallika Taneja/Arushi Singh
MEENU:–     Bakul Dua

Producer: –     Mantra/Danish Husain/ Damandeep Sidhu
Adaptation & Direction:-     Sohaila Kapur


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