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Parinday is the screen adaptation of the play Jailbirds.  It was screened during International Women’s Day  in New Delhi. Parinday,  is the story of a woman who is serving a life term for murdering her husband.

The story begins at a point when her young daughter, a minor at the time of the murder, visits her mother after14 years to ask her why she killed her father. A film that unfolds a confrontation between the mother and the daughter and the relationship between the jailer woman and the prisoner woman.

The film is based on the true story of a Tihar inmate who is still serving her sentence. It is the story of a woman’s fight for personal and creative freedom.

The film was shown at the Persistence Resistance International Documentary Film Festival in Feb 2012. It is now being promoted by Magic Lantern Productions.


MOTHER            –    Smita Bharti
DAUGHTER      –    Aanchal Bharti,
JAILOR              –    Padma Damodaran
SINGER/ PRISONER –    Oroon Das.

WRITER               –    Smita Bharti
SCREENPLAY   –    Padma Damodaran
MUSIC                 –    Jitendra Singh Jamwal
DIRECTION       –    Sohaila Kapur


” Theatre person Sohaila Kapur goes behind the camera to direct a film that tells the story of domestic violence….The film embellishes the story with poetry, music and Kapur’s protagonist is projected as a poet whose lines on freedom make up the theme song….”

—-Indian Express


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