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Miss Julie



Designer: Arpana Caur


Written by the famous Swedish playwright August Strindberg, Miss Julie is a story about the dark side of love.  It is the tale of the battle between the classes, the power play and the game of one-upmanship between man and woman—both of which have been skillfully interwoven by the author to produce a vivid tapestry of struggle, which is universal, perennial and as natural to life as perhaps the sun is for its growth and nourishment. “The joy of life”, writes Strindberg, “ lies in its strong and cruel struggles”.

The play begins with a party in the house of a count, where his daughter, Miss Julie, who flirts with her man-servant Jean in a contest for power, finds herself drawn into a love relationship, that is physically consummated before the night is over. Over the course of the play, Miss Julie and Jean battle for control, which swings back and forth between them until Jean convinces her that the only way to escape her predicament is to commit suicide.

Miss Julie         : Lopa Banerjee
Jean                     : Bhaveen Gosain
Kristin                 : Diya Kapur

Director              : Sohaila Kapur
Lights                   : Sunil Arora
Music                   : Bhaveen Gosain
Costumes           : Sohaila Kapur
Brochure & Poster Designed By:  Arpana Caur


“August Strindberg’s Miss Julie marked the debut of a new theatre group in Delhi and also that of Sohaila Kapur as a director whom we had known earlier as a talented actress….this maiden production augurs well both for her group Katyayani and Sohaila….Sohaila Kapur’s production is an asset to English theatre in Delhi.”

—-Romesh Chander, The Hindu

“Bhaveen Gosain as Jean and Lopa Banerjee as Julie play their parts well…”

—-The Times of India

“Journalist/author/actress Sohaila Kapur directs her first commercial venture….a taut script and direction that remains close to it promise an evening of entertaining theatre..”

—-The Asian Age

“Kapur’s production was notable for its informed appreciation of the play’s requirements, in terms of both the author’s original conception and her own sense of the text’s value…her diligent attention to the text made for absorbing viewing…..Kapur’s small additions are incisive…..”

—- Keval Arora, The Pioneer

Miss Julie has everything. Every little spice to make the audience sit up and sit through a drama on the `dark side of love’……….”

—-The Indian Express

Miss Julie, as enacted by Katyayani, has sustained the intensity, depth and volatility of the manuscript. The electricity between the two protagonists is intact…..”

—-The Hindustan Times

“I want to express my thanks and admiration for the splendid performance I attended last Saturday. Other members of the Embassy have also expressed their enthusiasm for the performance…”

—-H.E. The Ambassador of Sweden, Mr. K.G. Engstrom


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