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Amrit Kent’s original play ‘Rumi: Unveil the Sun’ celebrated UNESCO’s Year of Mevlana Rumi, in 2007. It brought to stage the astonishing encounter between Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi and the wandering dervish Shamsuddin Tabrizi in 13th century Turkey, that turned Rumi into one of the greatest Sufi mystics of all time. Rumi’s Mathnawi, an oceanic, didactic work, charts the inner and outer journey of a mystic. This was the first theatrical production on the life of this spiritual giant, whose sublime poetry is more popular today than ever before.

Rumi’s anguish at the loss of his Guru Shams, his searing love of God and his glorious poetry used to express that love, was the focus of the play, which had soul stirring, original music, composed and sung by Jitender Singh Jamwal and brought out in a CD. The play ran for a year in Delhi and had successful, house –full shows in London as well, at the Shaw Theatre.  It won 11 nominations out of 12 at the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, in 2008, winning a best supporting actor award for Danish Husain, who played Shams Tabrizi.

JALAL AL-DIN RUMI                –   Oroon Das
SHAMS AL-DIN TABRIZI         –   Danish Husain
GOHAR KHATUN                        –   Padma Damodaran
PRIME MINISTER                      –   Shorba Bhattacharya/ Sukesh Arora / Danish Iqbal
HISMAL-DIN CHALPI             –   Shorba Bhattacharya
YUSUF & RISAL AL-DIN        –   Dhruv Jagasia/ Vijay Singh
SULTAN WALAD                        –   Ashish Paliwal
SALAH AL-DIN ZARKOB        –   Ashish Dharmadhikari

Written by                :   Amrit Kent and Mohini Kent
Directed by              :   Sohaila Kapur
Produced by            :   Mohini Kent
Lights                          :  Jaspreet Singh/Ishwar
Production Designer    :  Oroon Das
Costumes                 :  Anju Modi
Music Composer   :  Jitendar Singh Jamwal
Choreographer      :  Gilles Chuyen
Sound                        :  Jitendar Singh Jamwal
Production Manager    :  Pamela Prakash


“Apart from a gripping script the play also has great music. A must-see for all Sufi enthusiasts.”

—–  The Hindustan Times “City”

Rumi: Unveil the Sun is one of the best plays in English that we have seen on the Delhi stage….it is director Sohaila Kapur’s best work..”

—– The Hindu

“The play tells the story of the intense encounter between the Sufi-poet Jalaluddin Rumi and his mentor Shamsuddin Tabrizi. The power-packed action by the protagonists did justice to the strong story of the play.”

—-  The Hindustan Times

“Amrit Kent’s play was a memorable experience. What amazed me was the dramatic twists and turns in the text. Amrit has infused it with colour and poetry in her treatment. I found myself riveted throughout.”

—- Habib Tanvir – Noted Playwright

“Amrit captures the meaning of the word fanna — to destroy one’s ego by merging with the divine.”

—-  Khushwant Singh – Noted Writer

….“Cast in the central role, Das plays Rumi with immense power and conviction… His interpretation makes the poet appealingly human — a man of flesh and blood rather than the quasi-mythical philosopher of legend. Das is blessed with a fine singing voice, which he makes good use of during the course of the play, when he breaks out into song at a dramatic point. He is also, according to the program notes, the designer of the simple but elegant sets….

….The wonderful Ashish Paliwal plays Yusuf, the cafe owner, with exuberance and earthy charm in what turns out to be one of the acting highlights of the evening…’’

—- (On the U.K. Performance).

“Cover Story, Emel Magazine, UK”


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