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Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew (Albeli Naar)


Lokeshwar Bhati from Sirsa, who is visiting Delhi, falls in love with Baljeet Mann’s younger daughter Bindiya. However, Mann is adamant that he will not marry off Bindiya, before his elder daughter, Katrina, is betrothed. Katrina is bad tempered, bitter and sharp tongued, and therefore has no suitors, whereas the soft spoken and coy Bindiya has plenty. And so Lokeshwar devises a plot that will bring him in close contact with Bindiya. He switches identities with his employee Triloki who woos Bindiya on behalf of his employer.

Similarly, Harishankar Lucknowi and Gulshan Kumar, both suitors for Bindiya, scheme to win her.  All of them try to get Katrina out of the way. They find an adventurer from Rohtak, Pajero Singh, a brash and rambunctious character, who is out to make his fortune by marrying a rich girl. They succeed in getting him to woo and marry Katrina. And the rest of the story is how he manages to tame an independent minded and  rebellious woman, who ends up mouthing platitudes she herself never believed in once. Does she believe in them now? Or is it a game being played by Katrina, who may have discovered that the way to a man’s heart is through coyness and manipulative submissiveness? That is left to the audience to conjecture.



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