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Designer : Keval Arora



The play builds around three individuals;  an elderly woman who is dying  and her two warring daughters.  The author, through bitter quarrels between the two sisters, gives an insight into the family; of how one sister, Rita, opted out of looking after a sick mother and the other, Jean,  gave herself  to the task.  As they fight, one also learns of the mother’s preference for Rita, even if she disapproves of her marriage. Jean does not love her mother but is, as she says, “stuck with her”.

Skirmishes is the story of any family and that is what makes it so universal and contemporary.


Mother            :  Zohra Segal
Jean                  :  Lopa Banerjee
Rita                   :  Nandini Sra


Playwright      :  Catherine Hayes
Director           :  Sohaila Kapur
Lights & Set     :  Keval Arora
Brochure & Poster Design :  Keval Arora
Music                 : Johann Sebastian Bach – Tocata en Fuga in d’ Franz Schubert
Unfinished Symphony No 8 in B Minor; Selected by Sohaila Kapur


“The play has  some poignant scenes in which silence speaks eloquently…Lopa Banerjee has a good voice that she exploits well to sustain the monotony of her being…and of course, Zohra Segal, the grand old lady of theatre,  is excellent  in the demanding role of a very sick woman….Skirmishes is an excellent play and Katyayani must keep it alive….”

—-The Hindu

“Much life is shown in little space.  Through exploitation of acting possibilities and a changing  dramatic illusion, Sohaila has expressed an individual inward struggle with life and its mundane requirements and done it with sensitive particularity. Skirmishes, third production of Katyayani,  keeps the theatre goers looking forward to its next pick.”

—-The Asian Age

“.…one has not, for a long time, seen an actor (Lopa Banerjee) of such Shakespearean stature…she wept and bent and then she broke–just when we thought she could not even feel—the climactic watershed was reached…Zohra is at her liveliest as dying mother….sandwiched in sibling skirmish of jet black wit…”

—-Indian Express


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