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Strindberg’s Miss Julie

Celebrating Swedish playwright August Strindberg’s Centenary, Katyayani, in association with the Swedish Embassy and Old World Culture, presented Strindberg’s `Miss Julie’, and a dramatized reading of `The Father’, both touching upon the playwright’s favourite theme, the conflict between the sexes.


Pics by T. Marecar

 Miss Julie, written in 1888 by Strindberg, deals with issue of power and control.

Set on an intoxicating midsummer night — a count’s daughter, Julie, in an attempt to escape an existence cramped by social mores, indulges in a flirtatious contest for power with an attractive man servant, which quickly escalates into a love (or is it lustful?) relationship, that is fully consummated. Miss Julie and Jean battle for control, until Jean suggests a shocking denouement. It is one of Strindberg’s well loved plays.

Produced by Katyayani and directed by Sohaila Kapur, the play stars Damandeep Sidhu, Vidushi Mehra and Aarti Nayar. Shows on March 23 & 24, 2012, at Epicentre, Gurgaon and Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, respectively.

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Its Julie again (Indian Express)

That’s the question Sohaila Kapoor of Delhi-based Katyayani Theatre Group is trying to answer with August Strindberg’s sensuous 1888 drama, Miss Julie.

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A battle of the sexes on stage (Hindustan Times)

Theatre director Sohaila Kapur, who directed her first play, Miss Julie, in 1994, is staging it in the city after 18 years. “I have always loved the play 

Strindberg’s portrait of class and caste divide (Deccan Herald)


Reviews and brief synopsis of the performance  (Friday Gurgaon)


Looking back at all the anger (Hindustan Times)



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