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The Chat Room

The Chat Room, adapted from the German play Norway Today, by Igor Bauersima.

Synopsis :

A bored young girl searches the internet to find a companion to commit suicide with and re-discovers life.


ACTORS Mallika Taneja, Samarth Dixit


WRITER                – Igor Bauersima
ADAPTATION    –  Sohaila Kapur
DIRECTION         –  Sohaila Kapur
PRODUCED BY   –  Hungry Heart Festival


Young & Unhappy :  This play deals with the boredom of the new generation.

“Young people have so much excess these days,’’ sighs theatre director Sohaila Kapur, ‘‘that everything bores them. That’s why the two youngsters–played by Mallika Taneja and Samarth Dixit — decide to commit suicide.’’ The play — The Chatroom — is about two young adults who meet online and in order to alleviate their boredom, decide to meet up and kill themselves in the Himalayas. ‘‘It’s hilarious,’’ says Kapur, ‘‘A sort of black comedy and a statement about our times.’’

Adapted from the German play Norway Today, by Igor Bauersima, Kapur says the inspiration to do it came four years ago when she was at a seminar in the Max Mueller Bhawan discussing other plays. ‘‘I’ve done German plays before,’’ she says, ‘‘Ouch, which was very popular, was adapted from the German Creeps and I did a dramatised reading of two plays—You Shall Give Me Grandsons and Tattoo.’’

Why this fascination with German playwrights? ‘‘I just like their voices,’’ she says, ‘‘It’s very global. They have the same young emerging middle class that we have here.’’  Which is why she did not have to work very hard at adapting The Chatroom for Indian audiences. ‘‘It has the same young people’s language,’’ she tells us, ‘‘All about a psychology dominated by the Internet.’’ But, there will be no use of ‘cyberspeak’ before you ask, no ‘LOLs’ or ‘IMHOs’, it’s more about the ‘‘loneliness of virtual chatting, of sitting in a room all day and chatting with someone online.’’

The play also has some multimedia, as there will be a live video feed of the actors. ‘‘They want to record their final statements so that their family finds it,’’ says Kapur, ‘‘They want to die in a grand way, just to have some excitement in their lives.’’

—-  Indian Express

Young and unhappy: the-play deals with the boredom of the young generation

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