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You Shall Give Me Grandsons

Written by contemporary German playwright, Thomas Jonigk, the play lampoons the contemporary family, making a mockery of motherhood, family lineage, religion, sociology and homosexuality—in fact, everything that is status quo—which is why it is relevant to India.

The story is about a powerful, manipulative mother, who demands that her younger son marry and give her a grandson. He refuses because he is gay and hates women. Despite this, she is determined to get him a wife and is even willing `buy’ one in order for him to procreate and carry on the family lineage, else she will kick him out of the house without a penny.

An extremely wealthy widow, she knows everyone is for sale, including the family priest. The other characters include an obedient, jaded and corrupt older brother, a virginal marriage candidate and her sexy chaperone, an older woman who happens to be the dead husband’s mistress and who is now responding to the older son’s overtures and the priest, who is looking for donations from the rich widow and is willing to go to any length for it.

The deceased father looks down on the family from his imposing portrait over the mantel. The play was performed as part of the Hungry Heart Festival of Comedies by Sohaila Kapur in 2006, at the Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Shyama Haldar, Padma Damodaran, Vijay Singh, Mantra, Anirudh Nair & others

Playwright      :  Thomas Jonigk
Adaptation     :  Sohaila Kapur
Direction         :  Sohaila Kapur
Producer         :  Hungry Heart Festival.


“The presentation, primarily because of the director’s overall production design and the performance of some of the actors like Shyama Halder in the mother’s role, Anirudh Nair as the son who doesn’t know how to tell his mother why he doesn’t like girls, and , of course, Padma Damodaran as the seductive aunt makes the play worth a visit whenever it is on the boards again….”

—The Hindu


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